7 things to waste your time

Your time is precious. But even if you are well aware of it, in all probability, you lose a lot of time day after day, without even thinking about it.
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Time is one of the most valuable resources in our lives. You can earn money, buy things or hire people to help with various daily tasks. You can choose the best climate for yourself, make your home more comfortable, and get access to quality services. But you can't buy, receive as a gift or find extra time for yourself.

For most conscious and mature enough people, this is a simple truth. But regardless of the level of consciousness, day by day we continue to spend time on processes that do not deserve it at all. Here are 7 examples.

Thoughtless scrolling on social networks

Social networks are important and bring a lot of pleasure to the lives of many of us. But how often do you open an app and get stuck there for hours of mindless scrolling?

Try to track not only how much time you spend on social networks (on the screen time of the device, for example), but also behavioral mechanisms that lead to "sticking" to applications.

Lack of planning for meals

This point may seem strange to you, but have you ever tried to plan all the meals for the week? In this way, you not only relieve yourself of the hassle of choosing food after a hard day's work but also have the opportunity to conduct effective shopping once a week and eliminate unnecessary spontaneous expenses.

Accumulation of tasks in the calendar or task list

If you diligently write down tasks in a calendar or task list and then do nothing with them, we have bad news for you. This is an extremely inefficient waste of time.

Divide all tasks according to the parameters convenient for you — sphere of life, deadline, the volume of the task, or priority. This will make it easier for you to browse lists, complete tasks, and not lose anything important. By the way, in Balanceo we have made the most convenient distribution for you so that no task is lost!

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Maintaining unnecessary relationships

Toxic, abusive relationships or just people you are uninterested and uncomfortable with are a waste of your time. It is not always possible to leave them behind and move on, but if there is such an option — use it!

Lack of habit of compiling shopping lists

It doesn't matter if it's clothing, appliances, or groceries: once you walk into a store without a strict shopping list, you're wasting an incredible amount of time and resources making decisions.

Maintaining processes that don't make sense

Just imagine how many cool and useful things you could do instead of watching TV all evening! To finish a book you don't like. Or discuss with a person who does not know how to accept the existence of other opinions. And there are many such processes in the life of each of us!


None of us is Caesar except Caesar. You may be able to focus on several things at once, but try to monitor the effectiveness of each task.

Let's say listening to music while working is ok. But if you listen to a podcast and try to do work that requires an active thinking process — do you remember the info from the podcast and focus on the second task? Here we go!

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