About us

This app is aimed to restore work-life balance and make our lives healthier and happier with the help of routines. We started our work during the global pandemic. People all over the world felt overworked and exhausted due to the jump from office to the home office. Lots of them lost their jobs, got burnout, and lived through enormous stress.

But due to the war in Ukraine we changed our habits and routines. Our daily tasks were reduced to the most important one - to keep ourselves and our families safe.

I am Aleksey Pastuhov, the author of this app. Here is a link to my LinkedIn profile. I've started that personal project to improve my life and life of my teammates, friends and others after lock-down. But now I was forced to leave my home due to bombs and Russian attack.

Previously we provided Russian language support in app, because there were users, who asked for it. But now app will not be distributed in Russia anymore, and will never in future. We have already removed Russian language support.

Currently me and my team are in safe place and we can continue our work on new features according to our roadmap!

Let us help you to find balance in this difficult time while you’ll help us to show the whole world that Ukrainians are modern, developing, and talented nation that want to live in peace!

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