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Not so long ago, humanity experienced a severe lockdown, because of which many people have lost their usual normal routine. Many workers around the world were trapped in their houses due to the remote mode implemented in lots of companies. Therefore, people faced typical challenges of home offices such as poor time management, constant rush, and unhealthy sleep pattern. Obviously, some people missed energy and motivation. As a result, their work-life balance was broken.

We’ve also experienced these symptoms. That’s why we’ve created something that will show people the way out. And we’ve called our creation BALANCEO.

What’s Balanceo?

Balanceo is an app aimed to fix your work-life balance. Our innovative daily planner will help you make your to-do list achievable and your routine regular. Plus, it won’t give you a chance to lose focus during important tasks.

Why should you trust Balanceo?

Our team has examined tones of books on burnout, tried all the tips for getting out of such a crisis, and found out what will really help you in the fight against fatigue and loss of motivation!

The thing is that life in a constant rush doesn’t equal productivity. It’s simply a lack of balance that will cause chronic tiredness, eventually. People are hunting for more work, forgetting about the simple fact — the happiness is in-between work and life. And you need to engage all spheres of your life. That’s how the idea of Balanceo app was born.

We’ve filled the app with the most working ways to reduce and prevent burnout symptoms. It will help you to free your mind from all your tasks, prioritize your duties, learn how to focus on one thing, help you develop a healthy routine, and much more useful features!

So, try Balanceo app to find your way to balance!

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