April release

Thanks to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, we can gradually get rid of stress, restore balance in our lives, and of course β€” continue to work on Balanceo! We hope you and your family are safe and able to completely enjoy the useful updates we have made πŸ˜‰
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So what's new we've added in Balanceo 2.3:

β€’ Stand for Ukraine

We are proud to say that we are Ukrainians. And in this difficult time, we want to support our country and its people in all possible ways

β€’ Add the ability to add reminders during fast task creation

Now there is no chance that you will forget about the important task! To get a reminder to run, tap the clock symbol in the quick task creation menu and select the time you want to get the reminder.

β€’ Order tasks not only by date but also by time

Another convenient feature that will make it easier to organize your day, is that when you see a clear timeline of the day β€” you are less likely to miss the deadline or lose an important but urgent task.

β€’ Speed-up application startup time

Now Balanceo is launched at the speed of Ilon Mask's missiles. Try it!

β€’ Add the ability to remove the date from the task

If the task has lost its urgency or the deadline is not a problem at all, delete the date, not the task itself. This way you will not lose it and will be able to add it to the current to-do list when necessary. Such task will appear in inbox, so you will not forget about it!

β€’ Add inbox for tasks

Write down tasks quickly without specifying a specific date or area of ​​life - they will be saved in a separate section for easy further sorting. The main thing is not to forget to put things in order sometimes!

β€’ Results sharing in social media

Friends should know that you are great! Therefore, we have added the opportunity to share your successes, look for the appropriate symbol in the application!

β€’ Tasks / Spheres statistics

The most anticipated feature for everyone who loves numbers and graphics! Now you can analyze the tasks in the areas and it is easier to notice the imbalance or overload in any of the areas.

β€’ Over 50 different bugs & issues resolved

We did everything possible to make your experience with Balanceo even more enjoyable!

We remind you that we are open to dialogue, criticism, and suggestions, and if you have interesting ideas or wishes β€” write to us on social networks or via chat!

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