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Balanceo launched Premium! More functions and customisation!
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Version 2.0.0

Balanceo Premium is highlighted with the following upgrades:

  • With Balanceo Pro you’re able to get an unlimited amount of spheres. We know that life could be much loaded than just three spheres, so from now you have an opportunity to revive balance between all your important fields.
  • In the previous release, we’ve added a dark theme for night owls. With Balanceo Pro version we wanted to state that life could be more diverse than black and white, and you’re the one to decide your palette. Behold Balanceo custom theme option, for you to create the app style according to your taste.
  • Developing useful habits aimed to make your life easier, though it’s hard to decide what exactly will help. From now the’s vast choice of Balanceo proposed routines that will help to upgrade your discipline in the chosen spheres.

We’ve just started to amaze our users. More helpful features are coming very soon!

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