How to Prevent or Overcome Burnout?

Be aware about emotional burnout, overcome it and prepare for future to not let it happen again.
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Introduction: Why is Burnout So Common?

Burnout is a state of emotional, mental, and physical exhaustion that occurs when you feel like you've given your all. It's a feeling of being overwhelmed and depleted of energy.

The period in which people feel exhausted, frustrated, cynical or even hopeless about their job. It can happen for many reasons, such as work-life balance issues or when someone feels they cannot achieve their own personal goals at work. The causes vary from person to person, but it is most common among people who have a high level of responsibility and autonomy in a job.

Burnout has a mental, emotional and physical impact on a person. People who suffer from burnout often experience some anxiety and depression symptoms, such as mood swings and irritability. But it doesn't mean they have deep depression or anxiety.

Do you know what do you do for fun & relax?

It is essential to find a balance between work and life. In it is core, that we take time for ourselves in order to be productive and happy. The key to finding this balance is by knowing what you do for fun and relax.

In the modern world, it is easy to get caught up in work. We spend most of our time working, which can lead to chronic stress. All this stress can make us feel unhappy, unhealthy and unproductive. This can lead to burnout, or worse: death from overwork.

We should find ways of unwinding from work and prevent the first step of the slippery slope of overworking. One way of doing this is by taking some time for ourselves every day - even if it's just 5 minutes before bedtime.

Maybe you don't even know how to relax and just spend time watching Netflix. Have you ever spent whole weekends watching TV shows? It is okay if you do it rarely. But if you do it on daily basis - are you certain that this is a way of relaxing or just another addictive behavior?

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6 Steps for Preventing Emotional Burn Out

Even though, Burnout can be caused by over-focus on work, it can happen to anyone. The hiding jeopardy that you cannot realize until you are there.

  • Recognise the signs of burnout
  • Make a plan before it happens
  • Take time off from work when you need to
  • Find ways to reduce stress at work
  • Make time for relaxation and exercise outside of work
  • Talk to your boss about what's going on

Don't worry, we can help! Check out these five ways to overcome burnout

The first step to overcoming burnout is to take care of yourself. You should put your needs and yourself first to avoid the symptoms. The best way is to schedule small routines with Balanceo app. It will ease the process of making a to-do list, like drink water, go for a walk outside. Don't forget about a good nap, it's vital for a body and mind to function properly.

It’s okay if you feel like giving up sometimes because it’s an inevitable part of life, but don’t let it get the best of you!

The following are five ways you can overcome burnout:

  • Take care of your physical health by eating healthy food and getting enough sleep
  • Take care of your mental health by practicing mindfulness
  • Take care of your emotional health by talking about what's bothering you with a friend
  • Take care of your spiritual health by reading a book or praying/meditating
  • Take care of your work life balance by tracking your activities with Balanceo application

Conclusion: Do not despair, use Balanceo app and Share your story

In conclusion we want to share last tip: when burnout is knocking at the door - we use the Balanceo app, it really helps to organize and define real priorities in our life. Share your story of burnout, sometimes you just need to express your feelings and experience to let it go.

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