Consistency release

War in our country has not finished yet. But we continue our work on app improvements, so release 2.4 is just right here!
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So what's new we have in Balanceo 2.4:

  • We've adjusted our processes, so more new features and frequent releases are comming!
  • We’ve been listening to user feedback and have made several design improvements to the app.
  • UX consistency across different parts of the app is crusial for upcomming features.
  • Scrolling animation that brings life to your screen without distracting from the content, and adding more space on the home screen.
  • Counter on the Focus screen has been added, so you do not need to keep your current progress and amount of future tasks in mind.
  • We support Apple initiative for personal data protection, so we added ability for users to delete their accounts in case they want to discontinue use of the app.
  • Added feedback form to our website as well, share what's in your mind

We remind you that we are open to dialogue, criticism, and suggestions. And if you have interesting ideas or wishes — write to us!

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