Is something wrong with my work-life balance?

Today stress and dissatisfaction with your work become the standard situation for the majority of people. Is it worth saying that this is wrong? Constant tension at work leads to burnout. And the work-life balance was the first to fail.
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What’s work-life balance?

Everyone has their own idea about what work-life balance is. Generally, this is the condition when all your life spheres are cherished equally. That actually doesn’t mean that you have 50/50 work and leisure. It means that your life doesn’t consist of one and the only sphere. Most commonly people tend to replace everything with work.

The signs of healthy work-life balance are the following:

  • You always sleep the same amount of time, no matter on the day of the week
  • You eat more than 2 times a day and your diet is more or less healthy and nutritious
  • Work deadlines aren’t closed during the family dinner or at night
  • The work doesn’t take your mind off your family when you’re at home

Sound like a simple thing to follow all the mentioned above. But sometimes people put their career or above all the other things in the life. That’s why sometimes due to the desire to earn more, get a position, succeed in two jobs people forget about balance at all.

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How to check my work and life for imbalance?

Sometimes it’s very hard to understand the source of your problems. There are various reasons for imbalance starting from the inconvenient working hours ending with relations inside your family or mental breakdown. Nonetheless, take time before making any decisions. Before changing your life you need to analyze it.

Here are some questions that will help you to understand the seed of your imbalance and find out the starting point of your transformation.

  • Do you have time to go for a health check?
  • Have you noticed being irritated or anxious lately?
  • Do you feel distanced from your colleagues and friends?
  • Are you always available for work e-mails and never turn off your phone?
  • Do you feel lonely?

If the majority of the answers are positive then with a high probability your life is imbalanced.

What’s the decision?

Download Balanceo to plan your day by spheres properly and use some of the following tips to make things work!

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