Self-love - the best habit

Today the world celebrated Valentine's Day. But the day before it the world honors a much less popular holiday - the Self-love day. Balanceo team believes that this day is even more important than the day of love and teddy bears. And why? Read our note below.
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Self-love is hard

How many times a day have you said to yourself something like “I love myself!“. We bet it happens rarely. Today we hear about self-love from so many resources like memes, articles, blogs, magazines, but what does it really mean, and why it’s so hard to be truly kind to yourself sometimes?

The thing is that our body and mind day by day produce signals to us, indicating things we actually need. Though, we ignore these signals writing them off as laziness. Occasionally we justify the indifference with lack of time due to terrible work, angry boss, family duties, and so on. As a result, we get burnout, various mental issues, physical problems, and a bunch of bad habits that work as treat, but frankly isn’t.

What’s self-love?

Self-love is about listening and understanding the signals that were mentioned above. It’s about patience and balance in life, work, love, and other spheres. The human body is a machine. And it works best when the processes are harmonized and its master is happy, healthy, and strong.

So your priority is to do things that nourish your body and mind with happiness and health.

Self-love habits ideas


Information cannot be stopped. The avalanche of messages, notifications, scary news, warnings will never end like an endless social media feed. Therefore, in order to recharge and control the feeling of constant anxiety, it is necessary to leave this stream and come ashore to calm down.

Reading something you like

Reading helps to develop imagination and ease the mind. However, it works only if you read something you adore not an article with the latest news or work-related topics.

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Family time

The time you spend with your loved ones is not a waste. It’s a full-fledged life sphere that is also a part of your success. Don’t cross out it in favor of work.

Physical exercises

Physical exercises are a milestone in our health. Especially important for people working at home-office. Freelances or remote workers can sit at home for days thereby earning problems with blood circulation and pressure.

Health check-up

Love should be healthy as well as your body. So, it’s important to know about its needs, not the desires!

The bottom line

Balanceo wishes you lots of love on St Valentine's day and keeps a watch on your self-love and work-life balance. Download the Balanceo app and try our healthy routines!

Remember, Self-love is the key to balance. And balance is the key to success!

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