How to keep work-life balance in 2022?

Let's figure out what is work-life balance is and how to make things right in 2022!
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The global pandemic among its obvious negative effects has one more in its luggage - people go extreme from toxic productivity to ultimate procrastination. As a result, according to multiple surveys, more than 55% suffer from burnout. And what's the main reason for burnout? The absence of work-life balance?

What's work-life balance?

Everyone understands this state differently. Generally, this is the condition when all your life spheres remain in peace and harmony. That actually doesn't mean that your leisure time is 50% of your work time. It means that your life is developing in both of these directions simultaneously and symmetrically. A healthy work-life situation will look in the following way:

  • You have roughly the same sleep pattern during the weekends and weekdays
  • You have a balanced diet and eat more than 2 times a day
  • Your deadlines aren't closed at the expense of family- or free-time
  • The work doesn't take your mind off your family when you're at home

Unfortunately, being able to fulfill all that seems hard and often goes at odds with real life. That's why sometimes due to the desire to earn more, get a position, succeed in two jobs people forget about balance at all.

How to check my work and life for imbalance?

Sometimes it's very hard to understand the source of your problems. There are various reasons for imbalance starting from the inconvenient working hours ending with relations inside your family or mental breakdown. Nonetheless, take time before making any decisions. Before changing your life you need to analyze it.

Here are some questions that will help you to understand the seed of your imbalance and find out the starting point of your transformation.

  1. Do you have time to go for a health check?
  2. Have you noticed being irritated or anxious lately?
  3. Do you feel distanced from your colleagues and friends?
  4. Are you always available for work e-mails and never turn off your phone?
  5. Do you feel lonely?

If the majority of the answers are positive then with a high probability your life is imbalanced.

What's the decision?

Download Balanceo to plan your day by spheres properly and use some of the following tips to make things work!

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5 tips to keep work-life balance

Remember, there is no perfect work-life balance

Work-life balance is probably associated with perfect agenda that combines the equal parts of work, rest, hobby, and so on. However, it's not possible. Your schedule shouldn't be ideal, it's more about a realistic plan. Some days are more for work, some days are for hobbies or family time. The balance will be achieved over time. You'll see that all tasks within your important spheres get matching priority within a week or month.

Health is a top priority

Do not ignore emotional or physical negative symptoms. In long-distance, they'll spoil either your work or health. It's okay to postpone some work or leave the office earlier to go for a session with a psychiatrist or for a health check. Overworking or toxic productivity won't get you more happy day-offs in the future. But it could easily lead to burnout and as a result a lot of sick days.

Unplug isn't that scary

You can't recover from the everyday stress from work if not shutting the source of this stress for some time. Checking working chat or e-mails constantly even at home or during family vacation gives you a feeling of a never-ending business day. Any work, even your favorite project, will soon annoy you, and give you more stress. It will lead you to mental issues and as we said earlier burnout.

Believe that nothing bad will happen with any project or task if you'll get a normal evening with your family or beloved hobby instead of your laptop.

Set limits for working hours

Work isn't the whole life it's just the part of it. So, boundaries are extremely important. Don't bring home documents to review before bedtime or late meeting. If you have a home office, think through your agenda and try to split time between focus and rest. Balanceo app, by the way, has this feature. With its help, you could easily develop a productive and balanced to-do list.

Family and hobby aren't time consumers

Both of these spheres are full-fledged areas of your life. You shouldn't neglect them. Rarely do people have a work-life imbalance in favor of family. And very often they forget about their loved ones. In this case, you need to inure yourself to commit time for other spheres. Try special routines that will help to develop these habits.


Work-life balance is truly the key to your health and happiness. Sometimes it is really hard to upgrade the existing pattern of your work and set strict boundaries. However, it's one of those things that helps to become more satisfied with your life. Moreover, being held on time such boost will prevent burnout and other mental problems.

Do not hesitate or delay taking an action toward positive changes. Let 2022 be the year of harmony between your life spheres.

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