Winter release

Balanceo is breaking into 2022 with version 2.2.2! We’ve worked hard all year to make your life more balanced and productive.
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Version 2.2.2

Look at the following features:

  • Redesign navigation & menu. We’ve updated our navigation, friends! It became totally intuitive. Plus, a much more convenient design helps to inure in several seconds. It saves time while creating tasks and using other Balanceo features.
  • Routine days picker is available to help you develop a personal routine week schedule in one click.
  • Winter design. We added the winter vibe to your agenda and agreed with Santa on one more very special feature. Update to catch Balanceo seasonal edition.

Looking forward to your feedbacks!

We wish you Merry Christmas and a happy, productive, and well-balanced New Year! 😉

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