Open Beta Test

Balanceo launched beta-test! Simple, modern, and functional, we worked hard on integrating the most useful features into the app.
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Version 1.0.3

Following features included in beta test:

  • Formed onboarding to adjust all our major features to your needs. We will help you create your first routine, define essential spheres and the top productivity time.
  • User interface now supports RU and EN languages. The language will be selected automatically according to your system preference.
  • 12/24-hour time formats. This setting will be also based on the language settings of your phone.
  • Multiple colors theme support for you to adjust the color in the app as you like.
  • Start a focus mode that will help to overcome procrastination and reduce distraction while doing your tasks or getting new habits. It’ll also inform you that is time to proceed to the next task or routine action.
  • Attached progress bar in the navigation menu. Well, it’s just an initial phase of our life-sphere statistics development. The progress bar reflects your percentage of the total number of tasks per sphere for the day.
  • Mark overdue for uncompleted tasks. You won’t forget to do even a thing with Balanceo.
  • Definitely reformed your current to-do list! Even a quick glance at your agenda created in Balanceo will help you understand what life spheres you didn’t consider while planning your day, which task should be done first, and the size of the tasks. Because of simple and functional tasks edit, it won’t take over 5 minutes to create a day plan. No need to tell more. You need to try it :)
  • Routines and lots of predefined actions. Balanceo offers an easy and productive way to develop your habits. Choose actions for your routine for the list (you can add your own) and set a reminder.

Keep your eye on Balanceo upgrades! New features are coming soon!

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